Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sikandra - Akbar's Mousoleum

Akbar's tomb at Sikandra - a suburb of Agra, UP, on Mathura Road NH2 - is an architectural masterpiece worth visiting if you are in Agra to see the Taj - (read about my road trip to Taj here) ....
Commissioned by Akbar himself, it was to be a perfect blend of Hindu, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist and Jain designs and motifs, bespeaking of his religious tolerance and secular views.
Read more about Sikandra in detail here......

The visit here is hassle-free as compared to one at Taj which is the more popular destination for tourists. Lesser crowds, easy to buy tickets and more time to look around - the bonus is you can buy your tickets for the Taj here at Sikandra (but this is possible only if you are driving into Agra from New Delhi/ Mathura). This saves you standing in long queues at the ticket counters at the Taj.
A must-see before you go on ahead to view the Taj Mahal (read about how to get there and details of our trip here).....
On the inside......
The cenotaph......as per tradition the true tomb is in the basement.
This monument also houses the tombs of Shakrul Nisha Begum and Aram Bano, the daughters of Akbar.
Have a great trip!!!
Go visit the Taj (and Sikandra) once in your lifetime....it is worth it!!!!

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